Ancestors atoll2
Alien Statue2

Alien Statue. There are two colors of statue available: red and blue.




  • Initial Explore: Timer 8:00:00 CostFood 2,200 Coral tr 300 Coin 300,000 HumanHead 5 - CostAccelerate Speed up! CostGem 24
    • Reward: Bestsellers active 200 Experience Points
  • Explore: Timer 2:00:00 CostFood 300 Coral tr 50 Coin 10,000 HumanHead 2 - CostAccelerate Speed up! CostGem 6
    • Income: Bestsellers active 50 Experience Points


  • Exploration of the Alien Statue  is needed to find energy crystals to get to Alien Shore

Quest ItemsEdit

On Initial Explore
Key to the Alien Portal (100%)
*Quest Item drop rate % assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is INACTIVE.
On Explore
Red Energy Crystal (20%)
Blue Energy Crystal (20%)
*Quest Item drop rate % assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is INACTIVE.


  • Size: Size 2x2
  • Can be found on: Island1 Area 10 Island4 Area 3, Area 11, Area 15 Island6 Area 1, Area 2, Area 6
  • This unit is not movable.
  • In Ancestors' Atoll, in area 3, when the Portal Arch was activated, the alien statue can still be explored along in the Island of the Ancients. This also the same case in areas 11 and 15 in Atoll but there was no portal, but it can be explored once there is a quest associated with it.
  • But in Alien Shore, alien statues can only be explored when there is quest associated. When the "Explore alien statues quest" was finished, it is no longer explorable until if the quest came that says "Explore alien statue".
  • There is an alien statue at Alien Shore which costs CostFood1,500, Moon graphite tr150, Coin 150k coins and 12 villager to initially explore.


English Alien Statue
Russian Статуя пришельцев
German Alienstatue
French Statue extraterrestre
Spanish Estatua de Extraterrestre
Italian Statua alieno
Portuguese Estátua alienígena
Chinese 外星人塑像
Korean 외계인 조각상
Japanese エイリアン像