Altar of Feelings. A place to conduct marriage rituals.



  • Build: Timer 4:00:00 CostFood 100 Coin 500 Wood 2 200 HumanHead 1 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 8
    • Income: HappinessBarHead 250 Bestsellers active 20
    • Income on wish satisfied: Coin 17 Bestsellers active 3


  • Cost: Timer 1:00:00 Coin 30 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 2
    • Income: Bestsellers active 10

Quest ItemsEdit

On Ritual
Tablet with Symbols (35%), Brittle Tablet (15%), Valentine's Day Card (15%), Flower Basket (9%), Fine Vase (6%)
*Quest Item droprate % assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is NOT active.


  • Size: Size 2x2
  • Known by other names: Marriage Arch
  • Maximum number per island: 1
  • This is the only building that can be moved while active, probably because no workers are used.
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7 Farmers Bay tr
  • If your idle workers wish love Altar.of.feelings.wish  tap them and they will go here (Wish Reward: Coin 17 Bestsellers active 3)


English Altar of Feelings
Russian Алтарь чувств
German Altar der Gefühle
French Autel des sentiments
Spanish Altar de sentimientos
Italian Altare dei sentimenti
Portuguese Altar dos sentimentos
Chinese 情绪的祭坛
Korean 감정 제단
Japanese 想いの祭壇