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  • Aurora: "The way to Ancestors' Atoll is hard and dangerous. You should secure the support of the Oasis' Guardian and explore the UFO."
    Island4 owned
  • Aurora: "How beautiful, Chief. Look, how sunny it is here, how nice the beaches are."
  • Aurora: "This place is perfect for a new village."
  • Purchase Ticket: CostGem 30
  • Ancestors' Atoll Quests

Initial ResourcesEdit

  • CostFood 200 Food
  • Send tr 300 Sand
  • Marblepro 2 300 Cut Marble
  • Bestsellers active 300,000 XP
  • HumanHead 2
  • Warehouse capacity 500
  • The 1st Big Treasure Chest contains: Stone 2 150 Lumber 2 200 CostFood ??.


There are a total of 15 locked areas on this Island:

# Name* Coordinates** Size Cost: Coin or CostGem
1 Tiger's Area (12, 0) 25x16 Coin 600,000 CostGem 130
2 Big Bath House Area (0, 8) 12x22 Coin 700,000 CostGem 140
3 area 3 (12, 16) 9x14 Coin 600,000 CostGem 130
4 Dzu's Cottage Area (21, 16) 9x14 Coin 400,000 CostGem 130
5 Light House Area (30, 16) 17x14 Coin 1,000,000 CostGem 150
6 Shaman's Hut Area (30, 30) 7x22 Coin 300,000 CostGem 120
7 Bathyscaphe Area (37, 30) 10x18 Coin 500,000 CostGem 150
8 area 8 (47, 23) 18x19 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem 110
9 area 9 (47, 0) 14x23 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem 90
10 area 10 (37, 0) 10x16 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem 120
11 Vampire Area ?? 12x13 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem ??
12 Werewolf Area ?? 12x8 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem ??
13 Zombie and Leprechaun Area ?? 13x15 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem ??
14 Witch and Fairy Area ?? 12x10 Coin 4,000,000 CostGem ??
15 Monster Vanquisher Area ?? 15x13 Coin 5,000,000 CostGem ??
Total: 128x111 Coin 31,300,000 CostGem 1,270
*Italicized Name is based on it's index. Otherwise, they are based on events that happens in that area.
**Coordinates are based on the map's coordinates.

Indigenous Spawning DebrisEdit

Basic MonumentsEdit

Advanced MonumentsEdit


Strategies Edit

  • This island has limited space, so strategically placing limited structures can help prevent running out of room.
  • Try to save a lot of gems to increase storehouse capacity, rather than building more, so that there will be room for more buildings.
  • Build only important buildings, such as marble pits, pig farms, zeppelin harbor, coral mines and households (because Households are required to upgrade your Main Building) to save space.
  • Beware that this island has a lot of bridges, so a great deal of sand is required. Sending sand to this island or buying it in the shop are how to obtain enough sand.
  • Don't build bridges until you receive quests for them unless you are certain there isn't a quest for that particular bridge, or you may not get credit for the quest.
  • There are lot of Water Huts with Murlods, so demolish them as soon as possible to prevent them causing havoc on this island.
  • Coral is only produced on this island, but has prerequisite quests, as listed below:

Coral Quest and its prerequisites table

Quest Prerequisite of that quest
Establish Production of Coral and Find items required Build Police Precinct
Build Police Precinct Upgrade the Big Bath House
Upgrade the Big Bath House Build the Big Bath House
Build the Big Bath House Find Items to build Big Bath House
Find Items to build Big Bath House Order 3 Lengthy Deals in Hotel
Order 3 Lengthy Deals in Hotel Find items for Big Bath House
Find items for Big Bath House Discover territory Big Bath House
Discover territory Big Bath House Build Decorations
Build Decorations Build houses of trade and services
Build houses of trade and services Build a villa and household
Build a villa and household Build the 2nd Bridge
Build the 2nd Bridge Build 1st bridge
Build 1st bridge Establish a New Village
Establish a New Village Initial Visit of this island

(Note: This is just this list of the quest "Coral Mining" and its prerequisite. For all quests on this island, go to this page: Ancestors' Atoll Quests)

When you explore the Alien Statue and Activate the Portal Arch take note these things:

  • A huge amount of food is required to explore this for the first time. To remedy this problem, upgrade your existing warehouses if you can rather than building more, since space is very limited.
  • To find energy crystals you will need to explore the alien statue many times, as they are not easy to get; you must also find crystals at another alien statue on Island of the Ancients.
  • You must have your dinos ready, and place their lairs at Portal arch due to risk of murlod invasion. Murlods from their island have crossed the portal to invade this island. Guard Towers must also be ready because vortexes also invade.

New Lands Edit

  • New lands were added as a part of Silkworm Update 2015. There were five expansions added
  • Those new lands contain enemies that came from Legacy of the Moon Shamans event. Those are zombies, leprechauns, vampires, witches, fairies and werewolves.
  • The Bridges and Idols now cost starclay and coral instead of sand (for bridges). Because all bridges require quest to complete, there is no risk for encountering the bridge quest glitch.
  • There are cycle of quests per territory. Here are those
Quest Requirements
Purchase territory
  1. Purchase territory
  2. Perform a ritual at the idol to remove the mist
Clear Land
  1. Clear 5 bushes
  2. Clear 5 trees
  3. Mine 5 gold mines
Remove blockages
  1. Remove 2 Blockages
  2. Remove 5 stone blockages
Chase the enemy
  1. Chase the enemy
  2. Destroy Water Hut
Find Items
  1. Find items (Materials to chase enemy, like stakes, dagger)
  2. Explore the cave
  • Blado intoduces these expansions and ways to get on with it.
  • There is an Alien Statue at area 11 and area 15 and a Mermaid decoration at the area 15.
  • A villager that looks like Trevolaze Chief had lived in area 13 and he had quoted "In a calm day, the fog suddenly appeared, with monsters with it and destroyed my village." The burnt Coral Mining is also found there and prompted to restore it by villager.
  • Note that all territories in area 11-15 are covered with mist. Idols must be restored to gain access to those islands.


  • WARNING: DO NOT build any bridges before prompted by the quest... many reports have come in saying it will lock the quest chain and you will be unable to complete/finish any quest lines involving that Bridge
  • If there is a building you want to use but cannot get to because you have not built the corresponding bridge, try moving it. Once moved, it cannot be moved back until the bridge is cleared. This is an easy way to get the 3 burned huts sooner.
  • The bushes with the blue flowers cost 5 food to remove and give 15 back.
  • Even though the island is sandy, sand pit is not available here.
  • There used to be a glitch where you did not need to build the bridges but could still access the various islands. This glitch has been fixed. If you did not build the bridges, areas of Ancestor's Atoll will no longer be accessible until you do build those bridges. This fix has caused problems for many players.
  • Some bushes may spawn in sea, most preferably after activating Portal Arch.
  • It is the only island that allows Coral Mining to be built.


English Ancestors' Atoll
Russian Атолл Предков
German Das Atoll der Urahnen
French Atoll des Ancêtres
Spanish Atolón de Los Ancestros
Italian Atollo degli Antenati
Portuguese Atol dos Ancestrais
Chinese 祖先的环礁
Korean 산호섬의 영혼
Japanese 先祖の環礁