Big fair


Don't miss the Big Fair! It's a unique event!

Don't miss it! Incredibly generous amusement! Unique constructions and amazing items from exotic countries! Don't miss your chance to do something nice for your tribe!

Projected Start DatesEdit

  • Shows up about once a month for all platforms. 
  • December 13th, 2013 - Has reappeared for Timer 8 days (ENDED)
  • November 27th, 2013 - Has reappeared for Timer 3 days (ENDED)
  • September 26th, 2013 - Has reappeared for Timer 3 days (ENDED)
  • August 8th, 2013 - Has reappeared under both platforms for Timer 3 days (ENDED)
  • July 11th, 2013 - Has reappeared under both platforms for Timer 3 days (ENDED)
    • New Structures say directly now, Service Time: 20d
  • Android - May 22nd, 2013  (ENDED)
  • iOS - May 28th, 2013 (ENDED)


  • Limited Promo: Timer 3 days once initiated.
  • Moveable would imply being able to move it from island to island via Backpack Storage
    • (appears untrue, maybe typo supposed to be RE-moveable after 20 days).
  • The Resource producers 'Time to Produce' apparently will go up with every new production.
    • ie Timer 1:00 Timer 6:00 Timer 30:00 Timer 2:00:00 Timer 8:00:00 Timer 24:00:00 Timer 48:00:00, then Timer 96:00:00
  • Many reports coming in that the limited moveable resource producers will only last 20 days.
  • Hermy will appear holding balloons in the default location of Main Building.
  • Available on the following Islands: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7

New ItemsEdit

Items  (limited) Cost Income Description
Moveable Lumber Mill Moveable Lumber Mill CostGem 10 Bestsellers active 300
Lumber 2300
Produces Lumber 2 Lumber.
Moveable Paint Factory Moveable Paint Factory CostGem 15 Bestsellers active 350
Paint tr 300
Produces Paint tr Paint.
Moveable Laboratory Moveable Laboratory CostGem 20 Bestsellers active 350
Glass tr 300
Produces Glass tr Glass.
Moveable Marble Processing Mill Moveable Marble Processing Mill CostGem 25 Bestsellers active 300
Marblepro 2300
Produces Marblepro 2 Cut Marble.
Moveable Stone Processing Mill Moveable Stone Processing Mill CostGem 30 Bestsellers active 300
Cutstone 2300
Produces Cutstone 2 Cut Stone.
Itinerant Shaman Camp Itinerant Shaman Camp CostGem 35 Bestsellers active 500 Exchanges rare items for Coin Gold.
(make sure you have a FIND ITEMS quest active, or you will only get dino eggs)

Production time: 5 min Cost: 50k

Explorer's Tent Explorer's Tent CostGem 40 Bestsellers active 450 Exchanges rare items for Coin Gold.
(make sure you have a FIND ITEMS quest active, or you will only get dino eggs)
FairTimer Chronometer CostGem 40 N/A Triples the speed of ZeppelinIcon Dirigibles for Timer 96:00:00.
FairScientistSet Explorer's Kit CostGem 40 N/A Halves the time at which Anomalies are researched for Timer 96:00:00 by 3 times.
FairAncestorsTotem Ancient Ancestral Totem CostGem 40 N/A Increaes Bestsellers active experience gained
by 70% for Timer 6:00:00.
FairMagicCrucibles Magic Crucible CostGem 40 N/A Increases income from Laboratory and Foundry
by 70% for Timer 48:00:00.
FairGoldenBullock Golden Calf CostGem 40 N/A Increases Coin income from all business
by 60% for Timer 8:00:00.
FairAbundanceHorn Cornucopia CostGem 40 N/A Increases CostFood Food income
by 40% for Timer 12:00:00.