Dino's Lair. Giving rides on a Dinosaur is a highly lucrative business.



Lvl Bestsellers active Timer Build / Upgrade Cost Reward CostAccelerate
1 9 1:00:00 CostFood 150 Coin 300 Stone 2 60 Egg 1 HumanHead 2 Bestsellers active 50 Coin 100 HappinessBarHead 15 CostGem 4
2 9 01:00 CostFood 100 Coin 100 Egg 1 HumanHead 2 Bestsellers active 10 Coin 10 Free
3 11 02:00 CostFood 120 Coin 250 Egg 1 HumanHead 2 Bestsellers active 10 Coin 10 CostGem 1
4 13 03:00 CostFood 150 Coin 500 Egg 1 HumanHead 2 Bestsellers active 10 Coin 10 CostGem 1
*You can find theEggDino's eggs by exploring the Cave.Cave^


Lvl Deal Timer Cost Income Earn Rate* CostAccelerate
1 Quick 15:00 Coin 30 HumanHead 1 Coin 160 Bestsellers active 10 Coin 520/hr CostGem 1
2 Standard 1:00:00 Coin 150 HumanHead 1 Coin 450 Bestsellers active 50 Coin 300/hr CostGem 6
3 Lengthy 2:00:00 Coin 300 HumanHead 1 Coin 800 Bestsellers active 70 Coin 250/hr CostGem 11
4 Long-Term 3:00:00 Coin 450 HumanHead 1 Coin 1,200 Bestsellers active 90 Coin 250/hr CostGem 16
*Earn Rate /hr assumes perfect collection and is calculated per worker. (excludes collection and preparation time)

Quest ItemsEdit

Quest Items drop rate (%) assumes related quest is ACTIVE and Spirit of Great Fortune is INACTIVE.

Golden Fish Scales (30%)
Golden Statue (25%)

Strategies Edit

  • To get an egg, you will need to explore the Mysterious Cave.
  • Feed the T-Rex CostFood 80 Food and it will give you Coin 50 Gold and patrol for 60:00.
  • If you start a deal at the beginning of those 60:00, you lose them. They do continue after the time is up on the Quick deal, but they do not add onto the end of the Standard, Lengthy, or Long-Term deals. To get the best use of your 80 food, wait till the 60:00 is almost up and then start a deal.
  • If the T-Rex is patrolling alone, when you just feed him and don't start a deal, he will walk around the village. He will only run when a Murlod gets within a certain proximity of the T-rex.
  • If the dino is off somewhere elsewhere on the map, the timer on the deal does not start until the dino gets back to the lair and picks up his rider. Switching to another island or going to the Zepplin map starts the timer instantly.
  • If you start a deal and have a rider on the T-Rex, he will run for the entire duration of the deal.
  • With the above in mind, the best food saving method is feed the dino, wait 55 minutes then do a long term deal, this gets you an active dino for just under 4 hours per feed.


  • Size: Size 2x2
  • The T-Rex will leave cute footprints in the snow on Marble Fiord.
  • The similar dino here also appeared in DinoPark
  • Maximum number per island: unlimited
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7 Farmers Bay tr


English Dino's Lair
Russian Логово Дино
German Dinos Höhle
French Tanière de Dino
Spanish Guarida de Dino
Italian Tana di dinosauro
Portuguese Covil de dinossauro
Chinese 恐龙的巢穴
Korean 디노의 둥지
Japanese ディノの巣