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Fishermans Cove tr
This island is focused on Fishing, most available buildings and decorations are unique to this island.

Kalani (formerly Fisherwoman) lives here and nearly all of quests exclusive here she is featured.

Fisherman's Cove Quests

Initial ResourcesEdit

  • Cut marble res 250 Marble
  • CostFood 250 Food
  • Send tr 250 Sand
  • Marblepro 2 150
  • HumanHead 2 Worker
  • 250 Warehouse capacity

Bait Edit

Every fisherman needs some bait in order to catch fish. On Fisherman's Cove you will need bait for all of the fishing spots. The total amount of bait which can gather depends on your luck (see next section). Bait is obtained by:

  • it accumulates Bait tr 1 per minute;
  • from gathering income from your Salmon Houses. A level 1 Salmon House provides Bait tr 5 per hour and this increases to Bait tr 10 per hour at level 5;
  • clearing trees, grass and brush on the island often yields some bait;
  • from opening various chests or the safe.

Luck Edit

This island has a unique value of Luck instead of the Happiness value of the other islands. Your Luck sets the limit for how much bait you can accumulate. This is very useful as each fishing deal costs resources but allows you to expend as much bait as you have available. You can increase your Luck by building decorations. The maximum Luck value is 300. The following table highlights the decorations available for this island:

( insert table of decorations and any other happy items here )

Fisherman's Cove Buildings and Favorite Fishing Spots

Modified Buildings

( since this island doesn't have Happiness there is a different and inflexible relationship between the Main Building Level and the number of Salmon houses)


There are 17 territories on this island.


Name* Cost: Coin and other materials.
1 Beginning Area None
2 Deepwater Gulf Coin 2M Fish soup 20 Perch tr 7 Minnow tr 7 HumanHead 3 Timer 4:00:00
3 Seawater Lake Coin 5M Fish soup 35 pike 20 Beluga tr 4 HumanHead 10 Timer 4:00:00
4 World's Eye Bay Coin 3M Fish soup 30 Crucian carp tr 15 Beluga tr 3 HumanHead 10 Timer 4:00:00
5 Highland Forest Coin 5.2M Shellfish tr 30 salmon 25 manta ray 3 HumanHead 10 Timer 4:00:00
6 Blue Waters Coin 5.5M Shellfish tr 35 flounder 25 manta ray 3 HumanHead 10 Timer 4:00:00
7 River Delta Coin 5.7M Shellfish tr 40 codfish 25 manta ray 4 HumanHead 10 Timer 4:00:00
8 Shark Wharf Coin 6M Shellfish tr 45 codfish 30 manta ray 5 HumanHead 15 Timer 6:00:00

Indigenous Spawning DebrisEdit

Basic MonumentsEdit

Advanced MonumentsEdit

  • Rapids
  • Tortoise
  • Bay
  • Shark Wharf



Almost every action you need early is done by a quest. It is very easy to get ahead of the quest lines, so for the early portion, do not accomplish anything without having a quest for it. This includes clearing the island of weeds and debris.


  • Wishes require Tin can tr cans, Gold ring tr rings, and Boot tr boots which are acquired from the Rapids. In return, you receive Coin gold, food and resources.
  • Fulfilling wishes can be an effective means of supplying resources for fishing or construction deals. However, the following resources which you need are not provided by fulfilling wishes so much be imported using the turtle or from your backpack: starclay, fabric, and wool.
  • Wishes cannot be fulfilled if you do not have room for any more food or the specific resource which would have been awarded. A dialog will pop up suggesting you build or upgrade warehouses. Click anywhere to dismiss the dialog. If you have room for the food and some other resources then click on the wish seeking villager again as the resource changes each time and maybe this time you have storage space available.


English Fisherman's Cove
German Kap der Fischer
Korean 어부의 작은 만