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Welcome to The TribeZ Wiki!


Hey there, fellow chief! The Tribez Wiki is a wiki dedicated to no other than The Tribez! The spirits have believed that you, chief, will bring your tribezmen to prosperity! Help the leaders of neighbouring tribes, develop your country's economy, discover new lands, and populate them with your tribesmen! Tribez is a world that feels real and alive!

The Tribez: Build a Village is a game developed by Game Insight, and has shown huge success in tycoon industry. The Tribez is more than just a game, but an adventure to a stone-age world full of mysteries, secrets and interesting discoveries! The villagers are lovely and peaceful, and you defend them against intruders at all costs! You also build a village where you can grow your population and gain rewards!

Explore vast lands and different islands, with each showing mysterious characteristics, visit the chilly Marble Fjord, the blazing Mystery Shore, the paradise Ancestor's Atoll, and many more!

You, chief, cannot be alone! Gain neighbors and participate in contests! You can also build a tribal clan and participate in leagues! Your NPC guides, Aurora, Hermit, Professor, Jamboa, and many more, will being you the right path!

What can the Tribez Wiki offer?

  • Quest Chains - We offer detailed and precise quest chains that will be able to guide you in your progress, specifically used to know what quests to do to unlock certain things. It may be incomplete, but most important quest chains are chains are here.
  • Building Information - Most pages about buildings in this wiki contains important data like construction requirements, deals and income to the chief. Galleries of buildings are also featured.
  • Helpful Admins - Admins like Farm River can help you if you have problems here. Just contact us in case you need help.
  • Discord Chat - for chat and voice chat. Create an account in Discord and join the chat, and chat eith your fellow chiefs.
  • Image Naming Guidelines - Guidelines for naming images and categorising them have been created.
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