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Initial ResourcesEdit

  • CostFood 500 Food
  • Send tr 500 Sand
  • Coral tr 500 Coral
  • Bestsellers active 300,000 XP
  • HumanHead 3
  • 500 Warehouse Capacity


There are a total of 11 locked areas on this Island:

# Name* Coordinates** Size Cost: Coin or CostGem
1 area 1 (32, 36) 28x15 Coin 2,000,000 CostGem 90
3 Shuttle Area (0, 6) 18x17 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem 130
4 Murlod Village Area (18, 23) 14x13 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem 130
5 Castle Area (18, 0) 10x25 Coin 4,000,000 CostGem 140
6 Prison Area (32, 23) 14x13 Coin 4,000,000 CostGem 140
7 area 7 (28, 0) 12x28 Coin 2,000,000 CostGem 90
8 area 8 (2, 23) 16x13 Coin 2,000,000 CostGem 100
9 Crop Circle Area (46, 23) 21x13 Coin 3,500,000 CostGem 110
10 area 10 (40, 11) 21x12 Coin 3,000,000 CostGem 90
11 Spa Area (40, 0) 15x18 Coin 3,500,000 CostGem 120
12 Totem of Fiery Spirits Area Coin 3,000,000
13 Flame Petro Area Coin 3,500,000
14 Moveable Laboratory Area
15 Totem Area
16 Crystal Bush Area Coin 5,500,000
17 Murlod Lair Area Coin 5,500,000
17 Bridge Area Coin 2,500,000
Total: 67x51 Coin 30,000,000 CostGem 1,140
*Italicized Name is based on it's index. Otherwise, they are based on events that happens in that area.
**Coordinates are based on the map's coordinates.

Indigenous Spawning DebrisEdit

Basic MonumentsEdit

Advanced MonumentsEdit


Strategies Edit

  • This island is always full of murlods, so attempting to build a village here is not easy.
  • Dino's Lair and Defensive Tower are the only buildings that can stop murlod invasions. But Dino's Lair is mostly used for just getting started because it is cheap and only requires dino eggs and a few stone.
  • This island is rainy and full of fog, preventing you from easily determining the contents. Idols are used to remove the fog.
  • To get Laboratory, you need to upgrade the main building, which requires coral houses. Trading Posts and Hotels are also required to get the quest items.
  • Because of fog, you can't see where walls are located. You must activate the idol first to see if there is a wall to move again.
  • When you get the quest Purchase territory on Shuttle area, do not purchase it first. There are walls which will block your way. You must purchase Castle Area first because walls are not blocking this territory.
  • This island is extremely crowded. If you have gems to spare, it is wise to upgrade warehouses above level 3 to increase warehouse space rather than building new warehouses.
  • New purchases await after the 2016 Halloween Update featuring Lava glass resource and more expansions..


  • There are actually 11 locked areas. For some reason area 2 is missing, or it was merged with another area.
  • Treasure chest 1 contains: Stone 2 150  Wood 2 200.
  • Treasure chest 2 contains: Lumber 2 150 Cutstone 2 150, Stone 2 100.
  • A lot of players have reported this island as being blacked out; no fix has been discovered but to wait for the next update and hope it's fixed.
  • Rain is very common on this island, happening almost constantly.
  • It is the only island that allows you to build Lava Well and Foundry.


English Murlod Island
Russian Остров Мурлодов
German Murlod-Insel
French L'Île Murlod
Spanish Isla de los Murlods
Italian Isola di Murlod
Portuguese Ilha dos Murlods"
Chinese 摩罗岛
Korean 멀로드 섬
Japanese マーロッド島