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Initial Dialogues Edit

Aurora: Phew, we're finally out of the tunnels. This weather is scorching hot. We better find a way to protect ourselves from the sun, and fast.

Hungry Neighbor:; Welcome, Chief! Our tribe needs your help. Evil Murlods gave looted and burned our village.

Initial ResourcesEdit

  • CostFood 750
  • Wood 2 300
  • Stone 2 600
  • Lumber 2 500
  • Cutstone 2 700
  • Cut marble res 700
  • Coin Gold shared across all islands
  • Bestsellers active XP shared across all islands
  • HumanHead 2
  • Warehouse capacity 750
  • Main building level: 8


There are a total of 9 locked areas on this Island:

# Name* Coordinates** Size Cost: Coin or CostGem
1 UFO Area (26, 0) 13x20 Coin 250,000 CostGem 150
2 First Area (4, 28) 22x12 Coin 70,000 CostGem 120
3 Bedouin's Home Area (26, 18) 17x16 Coin 300,000 CostGem 150
4 Stone Guardian Area (11, 40) 15x16 Coin 200,000 CostGem 140
5 Gold Area (26, 34) 27x18 Coin 250,000 CostGem 140
6 area 6 (39, 0) 10x28 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem 100
7 area 7 (43, 18) 10x16 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem 100
8 Burnt Laboratory Area (53, 18) 18x22 Coin 3,500,000 CostGem 120
9 Burnt Coliseum Area (49, 0) 16x28 Coin 3,500,000 CostGem 120
Total: 71x56 Coin 13,070,000 CostGem 1,140
*Italicized Name is based on it's index. Otherwise, they are based on events that happens in that area.
**Coordinates are based on the map's coordinates.

Basic MonumentsEdit

Advanced MonumentsEdit



Strategies Edit

  • This island has very little space. Build only important buildings so there will be more space for other buildings.
  • As demand of sand is rising in previous updates, with Starclay, Glass and Cut Marble directly and Lava Glass indirectly, more Sand Pits are recommended so you can stock up more sand for more resources.
  • If you are planning to expand to eastern territory of this island, and you want to rebuild Oasis, you should stock up many resources, particularly gold, food, and many resources, as Farmer's Bay resources like Amber, Wool, Fabric and Milk included here.


  • When you first arrive and are asked to Build various structures... ie (Pig Farm)... there is also a Burned-Out pig farm that will require restoration before it can be used... restoring the burned-out pig farm WILL count towards the build a new pig farm challenge.  Also will work with burned-out Stone Processing Mill.
  • It is the only island that allows Sand Pit to be built.


English Mystery Shore
Russian Берег Загадок
German Geheimnisvolle Küste
French Terre Mystérieuse
Spanish Orilla Misteriosa
Italian Spiaggia del Mistero
Portuguese Praia dos Mistérios
Chinese 神秘海岸
Korean 신비한 해변
Japanese 神秘の海岸

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