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  • Aurora: "You can get to the Piedmont Lands directly from the Island of the Ancients. Rumor has it the northern tribes know the secret of this path... "
  • Purchase Ticket: CostGem 60
  • Piedmont Lands Quests
    Island7 owned
  • Aurora: "Check out how spacious the cave is, Chief.  I never knew an underground home could be so cozy!
  • Professor: "Trrr...Come in! Kshhh.....The connection is very bad!  The scanner has discovered a strange construction in the corner of the cave.  It resembles a large circle, drawn right on the wall.  Try to invesitigate it, it's ...kshhh..... important!"

Initial ResourcesEdit

  • Main Building: Level 12
  • CostFood 200 Food
  • Wood 2 50 Wood
  • Coin Gold shared across islands
  • Bestsellers active XP shared across islands
  • HumanHead 4 Villagers
  • 350 Warehouse Capacity
  • 2x Nice Huts Level 1
  • The 1st Big Treasure Chest contains: Coin 500, Copper tr 75 and Cut marble res 50 .


There are a total of 6 locked areas (needs to be updated) on this Island.

# Name* Coordinates** Size Cost: Coin or CostGem
1 Resource Area (0, 6) 13x17 Coin 750,000 CostGem 90
2 Ghost Residence Area (24, 2) 19x25 Coin 4,500,000 CostGem 140
3 Blockage Area (24, 27) 25x14 Coin 3,250,000 CostGem 190
4 Metro Train Area (30, 41) 22x17 Coin 3,500,000 CostGem 140
5 Mushroom House Area (12, 41) 18x21 Coin 1,900,000 CostGem 120
6 Pioneer Mountain Area (semi-fogged) (13, 2) 11x21 Coin 2,500,000 CostGem 135
Total: 52x62 Coin 16,400,000 CostGem 815
*Italicized Name is based on its index. Otherwise, they are based on events that happens in that area.
**Coordinates are based on the map's coordinates.

Basic MonumentsEdit

Advanced MonumentsEdit


Strategies Edit

  • This island is not easy to develop, especially if you went there and you don't have coral mining yet.
  • To develop this island may take a lot of time, so building various warehouses and pig farms can increase your production.
  • Note that many expansions may cost a lot, from 2.5 million to 4.5 million, so conserving space is required.
  • To make this village really develop, you need a Paint Factory because many buildings cost paint to build, such as Restaurant and Mushroom House. Pioneer Mountain also costs paint to build.
  • Polunarium is the only resource that can only produced here, and it costs many coal (most), then lumber, then wood. Because a lot of wood is needed, shipping wood or lumber from other islands can resolve this problem and make more polunarium.


  • The name reminds of the northern Italian region of Piedmont (ital. Piemonte). The French word pied means foot and mont means mountain (foot of the mountain).
  • It is the only island that allows you to build Polunarium Foundry.


English Piedmont Lands
Russian Подгорные Земли
German Bergvorland
French Piémont
Spanish Tierras de Piedmont
Italian Terre piemontesi
Portuguese Terras de Piemonte
Chinese 山麓地带
Korean 산록 지대
Japanese 山のふもと