Police. A place for the reeducation of Murlods.



  • Build: Timer 8:00:00 CostFood 1,000 Marblepro 2300 Coin 10k HumanHead 4 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem 16
    • Income: HappinessBarHead 2,400 Bestsellers active 300
    • Elite - Gems 50
    • Exclusive - Gems ??


  • Cost: Timer 3:00:00 CostFood 200 Enemy 1 HumanHead 2 - CostAccelerate Speed Up! CostGem ??
    • Income: Coin 1,000 Bestsellers active 100


  • Size: Size 3x3
  • Maximum number per island: unlimited
  • After a Murlod is captured by tapping or by a dino he will go here.
  • In Island of the Ancients, building this will spawn many murlods. However, if an island does not spawn murlods, it will only serve as a regular social building and increase happiness.
  • NOT affected by Spirit of Affluence or Spirit of Knowledge!
  • Available on these islands: Island1 Island2 Island3 Island4 Island5 Island6 Island7 Farmers Bay tr


English Police
Korean 경찰서