Quests will appear automatically on the left side of the screen, based on level and progress. These quests allow you to get further in the game. Each island has its own quests.

These make the game more enjoyable, giving different goals to the player, rather than just a free-for-all builder

Quest OutlinesEdit

Image Island
Island1 owned Island of the Ancients Quests (more info)
Island2 owned Marble Fjord Quests (more info)
Island3 owned Mystery Shore Quests (more info)
Island4 owned    Ancestors' Atoll Quests (more info)
Island5 owned    Murlod Island Quests (more info)
Island6 owned Alien Shore Quests (more info)
Island7 owned   Piedmont Lands Quests (more info)
Farmers Bay tr
Farmer's Bay Quests (more info)
Fishermans Cove tr
Fisherman's Cove Quests (more info)
Giant Octopus
Island of the Athlantis' Quests (more info)
Coming Soon Pet Quests (more info)
Coming Soon Chief's Residence Quest (more info)

Colored Backgrounds for Quest Icons Edit

A partir de la actualización de marzo de 2017, las misiones ahora tienen diferentes colores de fondo besed en su tipo.

    Red - Referred as "main" quests. Most quests that come with territory exploration, on specific quest list like in Flame Petro and Moon Dino. and on quests that pointed Wonders, like Big Bath House. These quests have red gems on the four corners of the icon.
    Special Tools
    Violet - Referred as "building" quests. Most quests that referred to building structures and quests to unlock the buildings. Other quests that have this color as background can be completed in all islands.
    Idol quest
    Blue Green - Referred as "side" quests. Unlike the violet ones, most quests with this color as a backgrounds are found on a particular island.
    Green - Unlike the Blue Green, Green quests are focused in Islands of the Athlantis but the quest if found in all islands, and not in the Athlantis. The known example is the Professor's Quest to unlock territories in Athlantis.
    Tribez quokka quakka time quest icon
    Light Blue - The quests that the color is bue are referred as "special". Examples are Add Neighbors quest, feedback quest and Events like Quokka.

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