Accelerate Speed Up! is a function where the construction, upgrades and contracts (deals) are done faster.

In tables found on this Wiki, the values of Speed Up! are assumed to be at the start of the building, upgrade, or deals. This means that these values will diminished as the timer (time cost) goes down.


The in-game computation for the Speed Up! cost (Gems) is:

SpeedUpTimeCost = time_remaining / cost_interval
SpeedUpCost = CEIL(SpeedUpTimeCost * SpeedUpCost * SpeedUpFactor)


  • CEIL() is ceiling function
  • time_remaining is the time remaining before the action is completed (in minutes)
  • cost_interval is 10 for contracts, and 30 for constructions and upgrades
  • SpeedUpCost and SpeedUpFactor are in-game values
    • SpeedUpCost is the Speed Up! base value
    • SpeedUpFactor is a Speed Up! multiplier

There is also SpeedUpMinCost value that restricts the minimum value of the Speed Up! cost. That is, if the SpeedUpMinCost is 2 and the computed SpeedUpCost is 1, the Speed Up! cost is still 2.

By default, the values of SpeedUpCost, SpeedUpFactor and SpeedUpMinCost are all 1.