Available for Android March 15th 2014, v1.71



Take part in a new fascinating contest: help the tribezmen make friends with the leprechauns! Build the Garden and the magical people will reveal the secret of their treasure to you! With the addition of the Contest Map, it is now much easier to choose the contest you want to participate in. Do not miss out on a chance to get the Amazon Queen’s Magic Totem. It will allow you to house charming tribezwomen in your village!

  • Android launch on 3.15.14 with Timer 14 Day Duration

What's New!Edit

  • Spring Garden (similar to both Winter Glade and Fire Mountain)
  • New Currency: Clovers, Golden Dinos, and Flower Keys
  • New Decorations: Blooming Bush, Lake, Carousel, Congratulations, Flower Cart, Crystal Bush, Stone Machine, Statue of Liberty, Memorial, Pumpkin Quarry, Thinker, Pumpkin Carriage
  • New Production: Rice Field and Orange Tree
  • New Social: Dino-Nursery, Bronze Bell
Image New Items for Spring Garden Contest* Where to Find Damage Points
Snow Drop Ancient Bar 1
Lily of the Valley House 2
Tulip Cozy House 3
Violet Mysterious Cave 4
Narcissus Airplane 5
*Note: These 5 items for the Spring Garden Contest are only available to drop on the Island1 Island of the Ancients

New Spring Festival Quests! for Island of the AncientsEdit

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears Berry Treat
  1. Order 10 Long-Term Deals Forester's Hut
  2. Gather food from a Berry Bush 15 times
  3. CollectHouseIncomeprofit from a Nice Hut 25 times
Coin 100
Bestsellers active 120
Launch of Spring Festival
The Secret of Joy
  1. Find 4 Blooming Branches in the Forester's Hut
  2. Find 5 bottles with the Scent of Spring in the Fields
  3. Find 6 Lucky Horseshoes in the Quarry
Coin 200
Bestsellers active 150
Launch of Spring Festival
Flower Fragrance
  1. Plant 4 Pretty Bushes
Coin 200
Bestsellers active 50
Launch of Spring Festival
Food for Leprechauns
  1. Feed 15 Leprechauns
  2. Find 5 keys to feeding the leprechauns
Coin 200
Bestsellers active 150
(1 Leprechan Treasure)
After placing pretty bushes
Leprechauns' Garden
  1. Complete the competition on the Spring Meadow
Coin 1,000
Bestsellers active 500
After The Secret of Joy
Vibrant Spring
  1. Find 5 Tulips in Cozy House
  2. Find 5 Lilies of the Valley in a House
  3. Find 5 Snowdrops at the Ancient Bar
Coin 500
Bestsellers active 200
After The Secret of Joy
Tumult of Colors
  1. Find 3 Violets in the cave
  2. Find 3 Narcissus in the Airplane
Coin 300
Bestsellers active 150
After The Secret of Joy Spirit Smile
  1. Activate the Spirit of Affluence
  2. Order 10 Long-Term Deals at the Dino's Lair
Coin 150
Bestsellers active 150
(1 leprechaun house base)
After Berry Treat Treats for all
  1. Feed 200 leprechauns
Bestsellers active 1,000
50 Magma ball
50 Snowflake
After Berry Treat
Green House
  1. Build a Leprechaun's House
  2. Upgrade the Leprechaun's House to level 4
Coin 5,000
Bestsellers active 1,000
After Spirit Smile
Flower Fragrance
  1. Plant 15 Wheat Patches
  2. Build 6 Flowerbeds
  3. Plant 4 Pretty Bushes
Coin 160
Bestsellers active 160
(1 Lily of the Valley)
After Spirit Smile
Small Residence
  1. Upgrade the Leprechaun's House to level 2
Coin 300
Bestsellers active 250
After placing the Leprechaun House Base
Sparkling Stones
  1. Find 5 Topazes in the Leprechaun's Hat
  2. Get a Spring dino tr Golden Dino by completing the Garden competition
  3. Get a Volcanic dino tr Volcano Dino by competing the Fire Mountain competition
Coin 800
Bestsellers active 300
After placing the Leprechaun House Base
People Are Partying
  1. Root out 15 bushes or patches of grass
  2. Cut down 7 trees
  3. Fulfill 25 wishes at the Ancient Bar
Coin 170
Bestsellers active 200
1 Spring Garden tr
After Flower Fragrance
Hidden Treasure
  1. Explore the cave 10 times
Coin 200
Bestsellers active 200
(1 unknown)
After People are Partying
Everybody's Invited to the Party!
  1. CollectHouseIncomefrom House 10 times
  2. CollectHouseIncomefrom Nice Hut 15 times
Coin 250
Bestsellers active 210
1 Spring Garden tr
After Hidden Treasure
In Pursuit of Gold
  1. Explore the Airplane 10 times
Bestsellers active 230
(2 Horseshoes)
After Everyone is Invited
Walking with Butterflies
  1. Build a Lake
    (Cost: 350 Clover)
Coin 1,000
Bestsellers active 200
After Vibrant Spring
Flower Fragrance
  1. Plant 3 corn patches
Coin 200
Bestsellers active 50
After Food for Leprechauns
Pot of Wonder
  1. Invite a Leprechaun over
    Cost: Coin 100 Timer 30:00:00
Coin 100
Bestsellers active 100
After 3 corn patches
Four Petals
  1. Stockpile Clover 200 Four-Leafed Clovers
Coin 2,000
Bestsellers active 230
After Pot of Wonder

In Game DialogueEdit

  • Aurora: "Chief! Great news! A spring festival has come to the island!"
  • Aurora: "Even leprechauns have decided to quit their tomfoolery and join the fun on the Island of the Ancients!"
  • Aurora: "Help leprechauns take part in a new competition, celebrate the spring festival with us!"
  • Aurora: "Leprechauns get scared so easily! A lot of time pay pass before they show up again"
  • Aurora: "Leprechauns will come to your village no more than once every half hour, Chief. Also, they won't show up more than 3 times per day.
  • Aurora: "Use the power of Treasure - and the meek leprechauns will answer your call at once!"


  • This update will require new downloads from the GI server for each island.
  • Reward for updating the game CostGem 3