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Air Balloon

Released on: March 21st, 2013

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Aero appears and says "Greetings, o Chief! I am Aero, a aearonaut! I have come here from the remote sky of ... Help us, and out gratitude will know no bounds! The cursed Vortexes have roughed up my hot air balloon pretty bad, Chief. I won't manage the repairs without your help!"

Hot Air Balloon which appears above the lake in the center of the island. Quest time limit:Timer 270 hours!

Quest Title Requirements to Complete Rewards When it Appears
Find materials to fix Hot Air Balloon
  1. Find 4 Durable nets in Pig Farm
  2. Find 7 Ballast Bags at Stone Processing Mill*(see note)
  3. Find 3 pieces of Wood Resin at Lumber Mill
Coin 500
Bestsellers active 100
March 22, 2013
Repair the Hot Air Balloon
  1. Repair the Hot Air Balloon
Coin 1,000
Bestsellers active 150
Find gifts for the Goddess of Beauty.
  1. Find 8 Orchid Garlands on the Fields
  2. Find 6 Cases with Gems at the Stone Processing Mill
  3. Find 4 Jugs of Incense at the Bathhouse
Bestsellers active 1,000 N/A
Help Aero to take off on his flight!
  1. Launch the Hot Air Balloon
Bestsellers active 2,000 N/A
*The quest stated in game to search the Marble Pit when in fact it was the Stone Processing Mill