Stone Guardian


  • The foundation for the Stone Guardian is on Mystery Shore and is found in the bottom left Expansion. There are a series of Quests that encourage you to upgrade it.


  • Starts off with needing to expand to the area. Cost: Coin 200k
  • You must clear the Garbage stone blockages and murlod hut leading to the Guardian before it can be restored.
Stage StepProgress greenStepProgress blueStepProgress gray Timer Stone Guardian Restoration Cost Income CostAccelerate
Phases 1-5 12:00:00 CostFood 1,000 Cut marble res 300 Coin 15,000 HumanHead 5 Bestsellers active 200 CostGem 36


Lvl Bestsellers active Timer Upgrade Cost Income CostAccelerate
2 33 8:00:00 CostFood 800 Cut marble res 300 Coin 8,000 HumanHead 3 Bestsellers active 200 Coin 200 CostGem 16
3 34 8:00:00 CostFood 800 Marblepro 2 200 Coin 15,000 HumanHead 3 Bestsellers active 200 Coin 200 CostGem 16
4 36 8:00:00 CostFood 1,500 Marblepro 2 200 Coin 30,000 HumanHead 3 Bestsellers active 200 Coin 200 CostGem 16


Lvl Deal Timer Cost Income Earn Rate* CostAccelerate
1 Quick 2:00:00 Coin 3,000 HumanHead 2 Coin 6,500 Bestsellers active 600 Coin 875 /hr CostGem 17
2 Standard 6:00:00 Coin 6,500 HumanHead 2 Coin 13,000 Bestsellers active 1,000 Coin 541 /hr CostGem 33
3 Lengthy 12:00:00 Coin 8,000 HumanHead 3 Coin 16,000 Bestsellers active 1,700 Coin 222 /hr CostGem 44
4 Long-Term 24:00:00 Coin 14,000 HumanHead 4 Coin 28,000 Bestsellers active 3,000 Coin 145 /hr CostGem 72
*Earn Rate /hr assumes perfect collection and is calculated per worker. (excludes collection and preparation time)


Main Page: Mystery Shore Quests

  • Aurora: Buy territory with the Oasis. "The legendary Oasis of Life can be found south from here. Chief, we need to get there as fast as we can."
    • Buy territory with the Oasis. Coin 200k
  • Aurora: Speak with the Bedouin. "We need to find out what the Guardian Statue looked like."
    • Speak with the Bedouin. (Expand south of UFO Coin 250k to find his hut.)
  • Aurora: Restore the Oasis' stone guardian. "This is the Oasis of Life, A legendary place!"
    • Restore the Oasis' stone guardian.


  • Size: Size 6x4
  • When you tap on uncompleted Stone Guardian a stone indicator will appear with each phase represented.
    • StepProgress green Complete StepProgress blue In-Progress StepProgress gray Incomplete
  • Purchase of the expansion with the Stone Guardian awards you with some premium decorations including: a Gazebo, 8x Wells, 2x Ponds, 2x Statues
  • Can be found on: Island3
  • This unit is not movable.


English Stone Guardian
Russian Каменный страж
German Wächter der Steine
French Gardien de pierre
Spanish Guardián de piedra
Italian Guardiano della pietra
Portuguese Guardião de pedra
Chinese 守护神石像
Korean 돌로 된 수호자
Japanese 石のガーディアン